Steve Ward

Clay Shooting Coach


Who would benefit from having me as their clay shooting coach?

All Clay Target Shooters of any age or ability who would like to improve their performance and averages in the Sporting and FITASC disciplines.

I can also help anyone who wishes to improve their Game Shooting techniques.

T: 07772 087176 or 07452 862064

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What Can The Clay Shooting Coach Offer?

Steve and Sam clay shooting

My coaching covers the following:

  • Gun fit and eye dominance
  • Body stance and stature
  • Efficient pick up points of the target
  • Starting position (gun up or gun down)
  • How to read the target flight (distance, speed and angle)
  • To use one of the five styles of shooting (Maintain lead, Come from behind, Pull away, etc)
  • Positive mental attitude in finishing the shot
  • Structured training plans with direct instruction
  • Individual target difficulties and solutions

Perhaps some of these are causing problems? I can help you.

Struggling for the correct choke?

Knowing when and if you should change your chokes is a confusing business – Steve can help you decide what is right for you.

Trouble hitting the distance crosser?

The best techniques for hitting these long birds – lead, style, follow through, shot size and choke.

Missing technical targets?

It looked an easy bird but you missed it – is it a technical target that you don’t know how to read?

Correct pickup points a mystery?

Where you start to move on the bird makes all the difference between a hit and a miss – Steve will show you how to pickup the bird in the correct place for a kill.

The Clay Shooting Coach is now selling shooting lesson Gift Certificates

Birthday, Christmas, Special Occasion – for family and friends or even a Stag or Hen do

07772 087176 or 07452 862064

Steve Ward – Clay Shooting Coach

I have 2 passions in life. The first is to shoot to the best of my ability and the second is to help others to shoot to the best of their ability.

I started shooting at the age of 10, taking up clay shooting seriously in 2003. I have represented Staffordshire in the Inter County and National Inter County Level since 2006 winning 11 gold, 4 silver and 8 bronze medals, and competed abroad in the World FITASC Championships in Cyprus, Italy, Hungary and France.

Believe it or not it is just as pleasing to see people I have helped achieve their goals.  I firmly believe that it is not just the coaching… it is the person being coached who has to buy into the techniques and styles that all top coaches use. So it’s a team effort but all the hard work comes from you.  With my guidance and your determination, there’s achievement for both of us.

I cover at least 5 styles and techniques. My attention to detail is, I believe, second to none and is completed before we even think about loading the fire arm.  So if you enjoy homework then you will surely enjoy my coaching techniques!

Steve Ward Clay Shooting Coach


  • CPSA AAA class shooter
  • Multiple Sporting High Guns
  • Staffordshire County Champion in 2011 and 2012
  • Represented Staffordshire in the Inter Counties Competitions 24 times in English Sporting, English Skeet, FITASC and All Round Teams. Winning 11 gold, 5 silver and 8 bronze medals.
  • Represented Staffordshire in the National Inter Counties Sporting Team.
  • Made the CPSA British Open Sporting shoot off final twice.
  • Just been awarded 2019 CPSA Volunteer of the Year – Runner Up
Clay Shooting Achievements
Steve runner up

Throughout my shooting and coaching career so far I have been very lucky to know an exceptionally talented shooter in the name of Chris Daniels. Chris has shot his 2nd 100 straight at English Sporting and is amongst an elite few who have ever achieved this. Chris has been a Junior World Champion and represented his country on numerous occasions, winning many medals along the way. His achievements within the shooting community are commonly known.

I am very lucky to be able to call on Chris’s expertise and experience whenever the need arises both as a competitive shooter and a coach. There are times when I need advice from Chris and he is always there for support.  On the other hand I am always there to offer Chris advice, even at his level of shooting there is always the opportunity to better yourself.

A quote from Chris himself

“I have known Steve for my entire shooting career; he is highly regarded as a family friend and is a well-respected figure in the shooting world who brings many great attributes to the sport. He has been a county member along with my father for many years and his heart is in the right place for all the members. When I rely on someone to discuss my shooting with, Steve is the first person I turn to too. He shares the same ability as myself to analyse any aspect of shooting and advise the appropriate techniques. Throughout my shooting career I have watched Steve’s shooting and coaching techniques and copied them to my advantage. Steve’s passion for the sport and passion for improving individual’s performance is a credit to his professionalism as a shooter and coach.”

Chris Daniels

Want to talk about your coaching needs and find out if Steve is the right clay shooting coach for you?

Call Steve today on 07772 087176 or 07452 862064 for an informal chat or send him a message by clicking here.



Steve Kilner

What I really like about Steve is that he not only shows you how to hit targets but does it in a way that instantly tunes into what best suits your style. He’s never patronising or casual about it, Steve wants you to succeed and enjoy your shooting.  Something that, in this sport, is not always that common.  He’s got a passion and enthusiasm that shines through.

I’m a great believer that, above all else, you need to enjoy your shooting but that you’ll always enjoy it more if you’re hitting the targets.  So, if that’s what you want to do: enjoy shooting and hit clays, Steve is definitely the coach for you!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Steve to anybody, whether you’ve never held a gun or you just can’t grasp a certain bird he’ll be able to help. Thanks Steve!


Roger Grimshaw

Within 10 minutes of starting my first lesson with Steve I knew he was going to be my “forever” coach. It turns out much of his working life has been tutoring and assessing people and so his manner and understanding has been honed in the real world not just the clay field – It shows.

Steve doesn’t just get you to shoot 150 cartridges whilst saying “behind”, “over”, “below” until you hit a clay – he explains HOW to read the bird, WHAT you should be seeing, WHY you should be giving that much lead and WHEN you should be doing things.

In other words YOU LEARN how to shoot properly and consistently. The result is that it sticks, rather than having been told and you’ve forgotten by the time you’ve got back in the car!

My shooting has changed beyond my wildest dreams in just 6 months and my best recommendation is that I shall be continuing to have Steve coach me for a very long time yet – Thank you Steve.


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